The IMO SD1 is a world class inverter capable of delivering exceptional torque performance under a wide range of conditions. The unit can be customised, and a huge selection of settings can be changed. This unit comes complete with a 2-year warranty.



The Remote Control Station (RCS) has found itself to be an invaluable tool in the workshop. Allowing fine control of the inverter functions as well as instant forward/reverse control, no engineer should be without the RCS as part of their setup. Rated at IP65, this unit can withstand even the toughest workshop conditions – allowing the inverter itself to be placed safely out of harm’s way.


Metric Motor

There are also 2 different motor styles to choose from: Imperial B56 Motor – This motor is the ‘standard’ found on classic machines like Myford lathes. These motors have a 5/8” shaft and are available in 0.5HP and 0.75HP ratings. Metric Motors – These motors are generally less expensive than their imperial counterparts but may require some engineering to establish a good fit when replacing an imperial motor. Metric motors are available in a wider range of sizes from 0.25kW up to 2.2kW. They are also described as TEFC, meaning Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled. This means they are less susceptible to water or swarf damage. Both styles of motor come with a 12-month warranty.


Imperial B56 Motor

We also offer a comprehensive range of aftersales services

If you are having any issues with your products, right from when the box is opened up until long after the guarantee has expired – we will do our best to get you up and running again.

Our experienced and friendly team will be able to discuss the options with you and help you arrive at the inverter package for your application.